Caravan Tips & Advice

Caravanning Through Covid

We know Caravanning has changed greatly over the past year, and many of you are navigating your way around Australia in these uncertain times. Rolling Memories have kindly put together a little piece on how they are faring so far, along with a few helpful hints on how to keep moving and making the most of your adventures.

Caravanners Guide to Kangaroo Island

Ever thought of exploring Kangaroo Island? If you have, take a read... Rolling Memories have put together a simple guide to exploring this amazing nature-based destination.

Guide to The Red Centre – Part 1

The Heart. The Soul. The Centre. The Northern Territory is one of the most naturally beautiful places in Australia, especially the Red Centre. If you have ever thought about exploring this unique part of OZ, then take a read of Rolling Memories blog and their Guide to The Red Centre.

Saving Money While On The Road

Something we all want to know, is how to save money while on the road. Travis and Alicia from Rolling Memories share some insight on how they save a few dollars here and there.

What does a lap of Australia cost a family?

The Hogers, AKA Rolling Memories - Caravan Kids, are a huge part of the Sunseeker Family, and have kindly shared their tips on budgeting for your Lap of Australia.  Here's what they had to say....

Trip In A Van & Sunseeker Caravans

After picking up their stunning Sunseeker Desert Storm 21'6 Bunk Van, Trip In A Van are about to embark on the next chapter of their seemingly never-ending  caravanning adventure.

Keeping Fit & Healthy while on the Road

When you’re travelling, it can be difficult to stay engaged with a regular fitness and nutrition routine. You may not have access to your ordinary gym or exercise equipment, and it can be pretty tricky to eat healthy.

‘Lapping It’ With The Kids

Here's the best advice from Travis, Alicia and their two children Lydia and Bailey who amassed 42,113km in 12 months whilst doing the 'Big Lap' around Australia in a Caravan.

Caravan Storage

The popularity of caravanning is changing, so too is the type of caravans we are buying. We are moving away from the smaller pop up vans and heading toward the full “home away [...]

Preparing for the Big Lap

Lots of people talk about driving 'The Big Lap', but few do it, as it’s a lot easier said than done... What we say is… Go for it! Just do it! To [...]

Our Caravanning Adenture on Moreton Island

A Moreton Island camping and 4WD adventure is one of the most enjoyable weekend getaways from Brisbane that you can have. Throw in a caravan with all of its creature comforts and convenience and it just does not get any better!

External Cladding – Which is best?

Traditionally there are 3 major external cladding options for caravans. These include Aluminium, Aluminium Composite and Fibreglass Sandwich Panel (Full composite). In this article, we look at the pros and cons of each [...]

Caravanning with your Pets

Caravanning and camping holidays are a great way for families to enjoy the great outdoors together, and there is no reason that these holidays shouldn’t include your beloved family pets. These days, [...]

Managing power when going off grid

Setting your Caravan up for off grid travelling? A couple of things to consider before heading out into the wilderness... Australia is a truly amazing place, and there’s nothing better than finding [...]

The Myth of the Semi Off-Road Caravan

Is there really such a thing as a Semi Off-Road Caravan? At Sunseeker Caravans 90% of the business is genuine off-road caravans. A lot of our competitors will try and purport to [...]

Tips when picking up your new Caravan

So you’ve just bought a brand new caravan. After months of waiting for it to be built and delivered, the day has finally arrived for you to take possession of your new pride [...]

General maintenance on your Caravan

Your home away from home needs year-round attention, regardless of how often it is used. Regular maintenance prevents small problems from becoming expensive and dangerous ones. General DIY Caravan Maintenance that you [...]

Disc Brakes on Caravans

Disc brakes for caravans are becoming more popular but how do they compare to the standard drum brakes?

Safety Checklist for Caravans

Safety is always paramount on the road, but there are extra considerations when towing a caravan. Our caravan safety checklist will help ensure you have a safe and happy holiday. [...]

Free Camping Power Options – Generators

We all have our favourite style of camping. While some people may choose to stay at caravan parks, others may prefer to enjoy a more quiet and remote location. When it comes [...]

External cooking options when caravanning

Don't get stuck inside cooking when the view, the action and your friends and family are outside...take the inside outside! External slide out kitchens for caravans are a fantastic way to make [...]

Rear Vision Cameras (Marriage Savers)

There seems to be a strong demand for Rear Vision Cameras. Unfortunately having 'Mum' at the back of the car giving directions, while 'Dad' reverses, is no longer cutting it. It is often [...]

Electronic Stability Control – ESC

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) provides the ultimate safety technology while you're towing and is something well worth investing in to minimise and manage your risk of caravan sway. Electronic stability control (ESC) [...]

Caravan Refrigeration

When it comes to choosing the right fridge for your caravan, there's more to it than ensuring cold beer at happy hour... What is better, a 3-Way Fridge or a Compressor Fridge? [...]


There’s nothing like hitting the road and camping out during summer. Long days, balmy nights, BBQs and cold beers... The only downside is trying to keep your van cool when the heat becomes [...]

Technology In Caravans

Can we really “switch off” when we get away? Caravans have come a long way from when they were pretty much just a box on wheels with a bed. Caravans now days [...]

Caravan Customisation & Personalisation

So how do you make your van stand out from the crowd or at least reflect your personality? Customising your Van Caravan design is becoming increasingly important, due to the growing number [...]

Caravan Manufacturers – Fact or Fiction?

How do we know what is fact or fiction when buying a caravan? The Manufacturer Buying a caravan is a huge expense, and these days so many different caravan suppliers come up [...]

Buying at a Caravan Show

Know what you want... as buying at a show can be a bewildering experience because the amount of choice is huge. What exactly do I want? With so many Caravan Dealerships and [...]

The Rise in Popularity of Family Caravanners

Family caravan holidays are vastly becoming more and more popular, as not only are they fun, cost effective, and promise endless adventure and opportunities to meet new people, but they also enable that [...]

Caravan weight basics

This guide is aimed at the novice caravan owner and is intended to be a summary to cover the basics of caravan weights.