Your home away from home needs year-round attention, regardless of how often it is used. Regular maintenance prevents small problems from becoming expensive and dangerous ones.

General DIY Caravan Maintenance that you can do at home should be carried out before, during and after a trip.

Basic caravan maintenance includes –

  • Tyres should be inspected for any worn tread, cracks, perishing or bulging. It is even more important to do this after a period of inactivity. Check the date on the tyres – It is recommended that they be replaced at least every 8 years. Always check tyre pressure and tighten all wheel nuts.
  • Breaks and bearings – Brake linings have to be inspected for wear, brake magnets have to be checked for function/wear and bearings have to be cleaned of all old grease, inspected and repacked with grease.
  • Always charge the battery before beginning your next trip, particularly if it has been a while since it was last on the road.
  • Before heading off, open and close all windows and doors. You should also make sure that latches and locks are in good working order.
  • Walk around the caravan with a hand held screw driver and tighten up all screws around the windows, doors, tail lights etc as this will help prevent leaks.
  • Carry out a check of the electrics in your caravan by hooking up and testing all the lights, including the break lights.
  • Handbrake – ensure it engages and releases properly – look for rust or corrosion and check the condition of any cables.
  • Suspension – check all bolts, as even in new vans they can take a while to actually bed in.
  • Trailer plug – make sure there is no corrosion in any of the wiring.
  • Jockey Wheel – the handle and wheel should turn freely, look out for rust or stress fractures also.

As well as carrying out your own routine inspection and maintenance regularly, remember to have your caravan serviced annually by a professional.

Keeping your “home on wheels” well maintained will ensure the safest and most comfortable holiday experience for you and your family.

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