Frequently Asked Questions

What size van can I tow with my vehicle?2017-07-03T10:23:16+10:00

Sunseeker produces a wide range of sizes and floorplans to suit most SUV and 4WD vehicles.

Does the van have solar?2017-07-03T10:22:19+10:00

All Sunseeker models come with solar panels as standard inclusion. Keen explorers have the option to add more panels if required.

Can I mix and match insides and outsides?2017-07-03T10:21:27+10:00

Yes absolutely, we encourage you to customise your caravan to your hearts content.

Where are the vans made?2017-07-03T10:20:56+10:00

Our vans are proudly Australian made, built to the highest industry standards in Melbourne.

What is the time from order to delivery?2017-07-03T10:20:01+10:00

Sunseeker has a wide range of floor stock available for immediate purchase. For custom built caravans, the approximate construction time is between 3 and 6 months depending on current waiting list.

Is Sunseekerโ€™s service and support network Australia wide?2017-07-03T10:19:14+10:00

All Sunseeker customers have the choice of using their preferred service technician or utilising one within Sunseekerโ€™s extensive national network (upon authorisation).