Lots of people talk about driving ‘The Big Lap’, but few do it, as it’s a lot easier said than done…

What we say is… Go for it! Just do it!

To make your dream trip a reality, the very first step is actually making the decision to go. Decide now that no matter what, you are going to do it one way or another.

We suggest buying a van and planning your trip at least 2 years prior to taking off, that way you can have lots of test runs and smaller trips to ensure your comfortable towing the van, setting up and packing down. You know what everything does and how everything works. Any teething problems that you come across can be worked out, and when the time comes to hit the road you can easily rectify any issues or at least self-diagnose the problem.

Before embarking on your adventure try and take a trial trip for a few weeks, as living life on the road really is different to everyday life.

It may seem a little daunting at first and a logistical nightmare trying to plan your adventure and fit all your possessions into a small box on wheels, but it can be done! The process of culling and simplifying your ‘things’ can be an empowering experience.

When packing for your Big Lap, you realise very quickly that storage space is prime real estate, so you need to be very well planned when packing as you don’t want to be lugging around a whole lot of “stuff” you don’t need or use.

Pack a range of clothing to suit the different climates but don’t go over the top. Only pack food staples and top up your perishables as needed, as almost all everyday items will be available as you travel. Kitchen equipment can get bulky, so it’s important to minimise what you take, wherever possible. This also applies to all the outdoor “gear” we take when caravanning generally.

One rule to remember when packing up your life for your nomadic lifestyle on the road is “If in doubt leave it out”. Minimalism beats clutter especially when living in your caravan full time.

When the day comes and you’re one the road, enjoy the highs and the lows, the laughs and the tears, and even the breakdowns…. Taking the time out to travel and explore this country’s beautiful landscape is a once in a lifetime adventure, and one that we make us all realise that we don’t need much to be happy.

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