Setting your Caravan up for off grid travelling? A couple of things to consider before heading out into the wilderness…

Australia is a truly amazing place, and there’s nothing better than finding a spot and setting up camp where there’s not another soul in sight let alone 240V power. So, is it any wonder that these days more and more people are setting their caravans up for free camping?

These days ‘off the grid’ doesn’t mean you have to give up your creature comforts. When free camping, most people will still need 12V power as most of us “need” to take the all-important 12V compressor fridge as a bare minimum not to mention other must have appliances.

Although great when free camping, the compressor fridge will draw a lot of power from your batteries all day and all night and are only re-charged traditionally by the solar panels on your roof.

The only problem is, regardless of how good your power set up is, we cannot predict the weather, so you can’t solely rely on solar panels themselves, as they do not supply enough power to run all your appliances, particularly compressor fridges, in anything other than sunny weather.

As solar power relies heavily on the sun to function efficiently and is predominantly limited to running low-current appliances, it is always recommended to have a backup if you are wanting to take compressor fridges and other appliances.

Generators are generally the go-to back up option for powering a caravan if you are wanting to stay off grid for a long period of time. And if you’re a luxury camper with a television, washing machine, fridge, air conditioner, or any other power-hungry appliances, then you’re going to need one in case of extended cloudy weather. As well as providing instant and reliable power, Generators when combined with a 240V charger, will run all appliances at the same time as they recharge the battery bank.

The other alternative in an emergency, is to check into the ever-reliable Caravan Park for a day or two and use the 240V to charge your batteries back up.

Then when you are all re-charged, you are then free to chase the freedom that only free camping can offer.

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