Keeping Healthy while travelling is extremely important, especially when your travelling for extended periods of time.

Being on the road for 3,6 or 12 months is completely different from being a “Weekend Warrior” where it’s all about escaping the daily grind and letting your hair down with friends, lots of eating and drinking and not much physical activity, apart from the odd game of cricket.

We know all too well how easy it is to let routine fall by the wayside when you hit the road, however maintaining a nutritional diet and regular exercise is a must, not only for your physical self but also mentally. Being on the road is no reason to eat unhealthily, as most vans these days have all the comforts of your own home. You can easily eat the same foods and prepare the same meals as if you were home, making it easy to keep a similar routine to what you would normally.

It really is all about making healthy choices and not succumbing to the ease of “fast food” and creating bad habits.

Keeping up with your exercise routine is just as important as the food choices you make. Fitting in some exercise when you are travelling for long periods of time doesn’t have to be challenging.

There’s no better way to explore new places than on foot and in most tourist spots there are walks for people of all fitness levels and they offer a great way to get out into some incredible countryside.

Travelling with some pushbikes is always a great idea, allowing you to see the sights on bike, Bushwalking, kayaking, hill-climbing, swimming or even just running around a playground, will help the whole family stay active.

Outdoor gyms are popping up in caravan holiday parks, public parks and near playgrounds all over the country with some caravan parks even offering fully equipped indoor gyms to help keep you fit while on the road. Body weight exercises such as push ups, squats, planks, sits ups and stretches are easy to do anywhere, while remote camping or whilst stopped for rest break while driving and will ensure your body stays active wherever you may find yourself.

While on the road maintaining some balance with nutrition and exercise will mean you can take care of yourself and still enjoy all the fun stuff that made you want to hit the road in the first place, all the while enjoying the “naughty” meals and a few drinks without the guilt!

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