There’s nothing like hitting the road and camping out during summer. Long days, balmy nights, BBQs and cold beers… The only downside is trying to keep your van cool when the heat becomes a little unbearable.

Here are some simple tips to get the best out of your Caravan Air-Conditioning during the warmer months:

  • Close the side vents – as what happens if left open is, the air bounces off the side cupboards and back into the in-take too quickly, and this can often trick the AC into thinking its cooling better than it is.
  • Move the vents at the front and back to horizontal, so it scoots the air across the roof, pushing the warm air around and back in to the in-take.
  • Set the AC at 20 degrees, and make sure the snow flake is on for cooling. Having the fan on low will also help, as this means that the air coming out of the system is at a slower pace and will be cooler as it comes out.
  • Let it run for 20 minutes before bed time, as this means the compressor will come on less aggressively. After 20 minutes, check the temperature and then adjust it to suit, whether its a little cooler or a little warmer. (This technique is optimal when running the AC on a generator – as when the fan is set on high speed or on auto, it can trip the generator because of the constant surge of the compressor.)

Most importantly – Keep it clean

A clean air conditioning unit will keep your caravan’s interior at pleasant temperatures throughout your summer camping trips. It is important to take the time regularly to give your caravan AC a deep clean, and help it serve you better!

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