Servicing & Parts

At Sunseeker, we have a fully equipped service and repair facility to ensure our customers are always in good hands.

We routinely fit solar panels, heaters, annexes, brake control units and for customerโ€™s cars and many more.

We stock a full range of caravan and car accessories, whilst also providing a full setup service to ensure customers are fully set up and ready to tow anywhere.

Servicing your caravan is an essential part of maintaining it. This ensures all your caravanning adventures are safe and enjoyable. You need to remember that you are towing a very heavy load and without regular and appropriate caravan maintenance you are posing a risk to yourself and others who are also travelling on the road, if you are not having your caravan serviced regularly.

At Sunseeker Caravans, we will facilitate a General Service which is recommended every 6 months or 5,000 km. More frequent servicing may be required if the van is driven off-road or on the beach.

If you are planning a major trip, we’d suggest a thorough service before and after the trip.

Contact us today for availability and pricing โ€“ 07 5491 1888.