Let us sell your caravan

Many buyers like to purchase in a dealership environment. This means that they can view the caravan without making appointments and are free to make as many visits to make a decision. Purchasing from a dealership means that the buyer has a full handover and a new purchase experience.

Consignment may be a great way to sell your caravan hassle free especially when you consider the benefits youโ€™ll get when selling your van through us.

  • Most importantly we can put a warranty on your caravan when we sell it. This now puts you caravan in a new league and far more attractive to the nervous used caravan buyer.
  • Benefit from our friendly and very knowledgeable RV sales people
  • No phone calls all hours of the day and night,
  • No waiting for people to show up at your door just to find out later they are not coming, wasting hours of your valuable time
  • No strangers at your door. You benefit from our usual customers traffic that flows through our yard and our new caravans make your van look like great value for money in comparison.

What do you need to provide?

We provide you with a MTA Consignment Agreement that legally protects your property whilst it is in our care. This agreement will include details of both parties, the agreed price and a process to ensure the disbursement of funds upon completion of the sale. We will advertise on our website and on all major industry sites to have full exposure on the internet. This means more people are looking at your caravan โ€“ people who would never know it was for sale.

We know we are bound by legal requirements in relation to consigning your caravan and we are more than happy to go through the process step by step with you to ensure you have peace of mind when consigning with us.

When selling your caravan, we will need proof of purchase, caravan registration certificates and some personal ID. Your caravan will need a road worthy certificate and gas certificate which we can arrange for you and you will need to have comprehensive insurance over your caravan. We will also need everything you wish to sell with the caravan such as warranties and manuals.

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