Marvel Golden Child

Get set for a world of family fun and adventure in the off-road Marvel Golden Child.

Go virtually anywhere thanks to the vast array of features and components found in this caravan.

Modern and Spacious

  • The stylish, ultra-modern kitchen and dining area feels like home. Internal and external TV points will keep the kids entertained.

Freedom to Explore

  • Remote destinations are easily accessible thanks to the Golden Child’s twin solar electrical system, gas and water supply.

Tough Underneath

  • A premium off-road setup features independent coil spring suspension, ‘beefy’ 16 inch wheels and an Australian-made steel chassis.

Outside Appeal

  • Aluminium composite exterior walls and one piece fibreglass roof provide exceptional strength and resistance to hail.

Offroad Suitability:


  • Sealed or unsealed roads
  • Gravel / dirt tracks
  • Medium to steep gradients
  • Moderate sandy or rocky terrain
  • Corrugated dirt roads

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