Sunseeker vans are constructed with a robust interlocking aluminium frame which results in superior strength, resistance to potential water damage and substantial weight reductions.

But not all aluminium construction techniques are the same.

The Sunseeker factory uses a unique Self Pierce Riveting (SPR) system to bond the frames together.

This methodology is a cold joining process used to fasten two or more sheets of material by driving a rivet through the top sheet(s) and securing the rivet into the lower sheet without piercing it.

This self pierce riveting system is used by many world-class manufacturers including Audi, BMW, and Jaguar due to:

  • Better joint strength compared to welding
  • Improved robustness and durability
  • Increased resistance to corrosion
  • Anti vibration & increased flexibility
  • Hardened steel rivets used

It is also used across a range of transportation industries including buses and coach bodies, snowmobile chassis, boats and even in aeroplanes.

Another unique feature of the Sunseeker aluminum frame is the inclusion of a double laminated centre beam on each side. This adds to the robustness of the frame meaning it will stand up to the harshest off-road Australian conditions.

To learn more about this process or for any other questions about Sunseeker’s manufacturing process, please contact us  today.