A Moreton Island camping and 4WD adventure is one of the most enjoyable weekend getaways from Brisbane that you can have. Throw in a caravan with all of its creature comforts and convenience and it just does not get any better!

We were about to tow our beloved caravans across the third largest sand island in the world. To say we were a bit apprehensive would be an understatement, but it was a task we were up to and planning to conquer.

Day 1:

We arrived at the Micat ferry terminal at the Port of Brisbane and met up with three other families who were joining us in a caravan convoy of four. We were in the 19’6 Sunseeker Desert Storm with bunks, meanwhile the others travelled in a 19’6 Marvel Golden Child, an 18’ Marvel Sea Breeze Sport and an 18’ Sunseeker Wild Child. We boarded the Micat barge much to the dismay of fellow passengers and even staff who thought we were all mad for attempting to take our vans onto the island.

1.5 hours later, we arrive, and apart from excitement, there isn’t a word to describe the feeling you get as the ramp drops, to reveal giant sand dunes and crystal-clear water. It was now show time… vans in tow we headed onto the best kind of highway– nature’s highway!

The city felt thousands of miles away….

We avoided travelling on Middle Road due to it being a tad narrow and headed up the western side of the island toward North Point Campground. We then turned inland, cutting across to the Eastern Beach and headed back south. We found our ideal camping spot at South East Camping Zone.

South East Camping Zone offers an authentic beach camping experience. Free camping at its finest. Shade, open fires and ocean views from the sandy dunes—the perfect elements for a relaxing stay.

After the vans were in place and we were set up, it was time to relax with a drink and toast Marshmallows around the campfire. We were all in awe of just how well the vans handled travelling across the island. Absolutely no drama at all!

Day 2:

With over 200km of 4WD accessible tracks and beaches, there is plenty to explore on Moreton Island, so we set off for the day chasing the of seemingly endless, smooth open beach horizons and of course tracking overland and inland to test our 4wd skills.

The Gutter Bar at Kooringal was our choice for Lunch….an “island bar” with great seafood, cold drinks and good vibes on offer.

We headed back to camp chased up the beach by some enormous black storm clouds. Lucky for us we made it back just in time to watch the beautiful summer storm pass us by.

Day 3:

With the sun shining, we decided it was a day for swimming and first stop was the Champagne Pools. Situated near North Point, a band of volcanic rock and sandstone forms a break wall from the surf and creates crystal clear water pool with waves that cascade over, creating bubbles that gave the name to the place. A beautiful spot to relax as the water foams and bubbles around you.

The peaceful Honeymoon Bay is a short walk away, on the other side of North Point, with hidden rock tunnels and waterways to explore.

A trip to Moreton island would not be complete without Snorkelling Tangalooma Wrecks. A short swim away from the beach, beautiful corals cover the wrecks. A fun opportunity to swim among a myriad of fish and other marine creatures like wobbegongs, turtles and even dolphins if you’re very lucky!

Day 4:

Trying to fit as much into our stay as possible, we explored some more. Perched on a rocky cliff near North Point is the famous 23-metre-high Cape Moreton Lighthouse, the first lighthouse built in Queensland.

Inside the old caretaker’s cottage, there’s an excellent museum that highlights the history of the lighthouse and Moreton Island with information on its beautiful creatures big and small. The views from the lighthouse down along the rugged east coast of Moreton Island are spectacular.

On our drive to meet the ferry, we stopped in at Castaways, located in the small township of Bulwer, for a bite to eat.

And just like that it is time to drive back up onto the barge, dust the last sand off your shoes and adjust your tyre pressure (along with your blood pressure) back to high as we cruise back to Brisbane and to the reality of our day to day lives that awaits.

But what an adventure we had. We proved to ourselves and many doubters, that taking a caravan across the island can be done….and done with ease.

Moreton Island you are just magical, and we will be back!

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