There’s nothing quite like the freedom of exploring our magnificent country off the beaten track. Owners of off-road caravans are spoilt with choice in their destinations ranging from beaches, national parks to remote landmarks such as Ayers Rock. We’ve put together this helpful off-road buyers guide to assist you in choosing a caravan that meets your off-road requirements.

DISCLAIMER: This information is generic in nature. Please always consult a dealer or manufacturer for information specific to your circumstances.

Wheels / Tyres

Larger wheels provide greater ground clearance which is essential for off road driving. Tyres are equally as important too. Off road tyres (noticeably bigger and chunkier) provide better traction in a variety of conditions, increased side wall protection and better all-round performance compared to regular road tyres.


Ensure the vehicle’s suspension is up to the task with a suitable off-road setup. Unlike traditional ‘rock & roller’ leaf suspension, which is adequate for touring vans, Off-road caravans require more capability to handle unpredictable terrain.

Look for a quality, independent coil spring suspension system with dual shocks. This setup allows the wheels to move and articulate through undulations providing greater stability whilst maintaining centre of gravity and less strain on the chassis.


The chassis is the foundation of the caravan providing the necessary strength and stability to support the entire vehicle.

Look for high quality Australian-made steel as opposed to cheaper imported material. Box section beams are stronger than C Channel and a 6 inch frame provides added strength (compared to standard 4 inch) to handle the vigour of off-road terrain. Also, pay attention to the gauge of the steel used. Some manufactures will use a thin gauge steel, while others will use a heavy duty, fit for purpose gauge steel.

Some brands also feature a chassis raiser – an extra piece of steel laminated to the chassis providing greater strength whilst also increasing ground clearance.

Hitch / Coupling

The coupling is the connection between your vehicle and caravan. Couplings such as the D0-35 or AL-KO Off-road allow for complete 360 degree articulation which reduces the strain on the tow vehicle by allowing the caravan to adapt to the terrain.

Free Camping Capability

If you’re planning on purchasing an off-road caravan, then chances are you will venture off the grid at some point away from electricity and water.

Most people run out of water before power, so ensure your water tanks have sufficient volume. Decent off-road caravans will typically have 2 x 95L tanks as standard. Depending on your needs and where you intend on going, you may need to add to this.

Remember to also check the maximum capability of the solar and battery system on board the van to ensure your off-grid needs are met.


A consideration that is easily overlooked is the quality of the hinges on the cabinetry of the van. Look for full length piano hinges on cupboard doors which provide more points of contact and a stronger connection than regular 2 screw hinges.

Given that the vehicle is going to be enduring lots of humps and bumps, you want to be confident that the cupboards and items inside remain secure throughout your journey.

Watch the Desert Storm in Action

Roothie from Channel 7’s Creek to Coast puts the Sunseeker Desert Storm through its paces at Landcruiser Mountain Park

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Sunseeker Off Road Caravans

Sunseeker has designed a range of off road caravans that can go practically anywhere enabling you to undertake your wildest adventure. Choose from one of Sunseeker’s premium off road caravans below.

Desert Storm

Experience a perfect blend of contemporary styling in a tough, rugged aluminium framed off-road body.


Marvel Golden Child

Get set for a world of family fun and adventure in the off-road Marvel Golden Child.


Marvel Runamuk

‘Run a muck’ in the ultimate compact off-roader. At only 15′ long x 6’6″ wide this van will take you places other vans can’t go without sacrificing creature comforts.


Marvel Sea Breeze Sport

Take the road less travelled and experience it all in the off-road Sea Breeze Sport.


Marvel Thunder Storm

Venture off the beaten track in confidence and style with over 300 watts of solar, premium off-road suspension and extra-large 285 wheels.


Mirage Sport

A well-equipped off-road van with an aluminium frame construction.


Wild Child

This van is breaking all the rules in family vans. Get in touch with your inner ‘Wild Child’ & start your adventures today!