We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our Sunseeker families – the Hogers, to talk all things about “Doing the Lap”.

Now, if anyone knows a thing or two about travelling around Australia in a van, it is the Hoger family. The Hogers, Travis, Alicia and their two children Bailey and Lydia are a young family living full time in their 2018 Off Road Sunseeker Desert Storm. Their first “Lap” saw them travel a whopping 42,113km in 12 months, and now they are gearing up to embark on their 2nd year long lap around this beautiful country.

When we caught up with them at Sunseeker HQ we chatted about their experience on the road, and thought we’d share their tips and a little insight for anyone out there thinking about taking the leap and setting off around Australia, kids and caravan in tow.

Taking Kids on the Road

According to the Hogers, being with the kids on the road is a totally different experience to having your kids at home 24/7. On the road you are without the day-to-day stresses of work, school and the daily grind. With each new location, there are different places to explore, experiences to have and new friends to meet. Boredom is something that does not exist with life on the road.

“It is wonderful to be able to get to know your kids better, spending quality time together and strengthening the family bond.” says Travis.

Schooling on the Road

The Hogers enrolled with North East Public School of Distance Education – based in Port Macquarie, who they say were brilliant. They found registering for Distance Education in QLD quite difficult, however NSW organisations seemed to be a lot more supportive of travelling families.

According to Alicia, schooling on the road was a breeze with all resources, workbooks, readers etc supplied by the school on enrolment.

“Every 4 weeks, new education packs / schoolwork for the following weeks is sent out to a destination nominated by yourself, including new library books and any items needed for the work scheduled.”

“The school was also great at tailoring the learnings to each individual child, depending on where they are academically and both children thrived, so much so that when they did enrol into mainstream school for 1 term they were both head of their class and had not missed a beat academically.”

The Hogers found that focussing on schoolwork on the bad weather days worked well for them, which in turn meant that when the sun was shining, they were able to enjoy themselves learning important life skills as opposed to learning academically.

You don’t need all the gadgets

Having already complete a full 12 months on the road, preparing to go for the second time is very different to the first. One thing they said they would be doing differently was to minimise EVERYTHING.

“Dump the kids toys! They don’t need a plethora of toys to be entertained but rather attention, plenty of time in nature and a vivid imagination. A couple of rocks and a few sticks is often all they need.”

“Take the distraction of toys and technology away, enabling more time adventuring and playing with nature. Limit screen time – Open their eyes and minds to the big wide world beyond their iPad and other screens”

One necessity that will definitely be making the 2nd trip – is the extra Water Bladder. Having this extra water capacity allows a lot more flexibility with free camping and is perfect for transferring water back to camp, when you don’t want to drag the caravan away from site just to top up water tanks. It is an absolute must according to Travis, a game changer for life on the road for extended periods.

The 2nd Lap

This time the Hogers intend to go back to some of the highlight places and spend more time in each camp enjoying it for what is it. The coming 12 months will be at a much slower pace,  enjoying the freedom of no schedule and just doing things in their own time as a family.

Driving around Australia is the perfect opportunity for a genuine adventure and one of the best things they have done for their family.

As they set off for another 12-month lap creating memories as a family that they will have forever, we wish them all the best. Travel safe Hoger family!

Follow the Hogers

You can follow their travels on the socials – Their pages are filled with some great information and advice for any families on the road already or planning a trip, plus the most beautiful photos and videos!

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